Exchange About Us

Exchange was started in 1980 by Bill Thomas to connect people in our area. The print edition has grown to reach over 80,000 homes each week. To compliment the print edition we launched in the fall of 2010. Our first major update to Exchange931 was in August 2012. Exchange931 contains the same word ads (classified ads) as in the printed Exchange but also has hundreds of more items. All word ads placed by phone go live on Exchange931 within an hour.

Our goal since 1980 has been to connect a person selling an item or service with a buyer that needs that item or service. The print edition has more than accomplished our initial goal and now is a national award winning publication. We will continue to heavily invest in Exchangte931 to ensure it matches our print edition in quality and effectiveness.

We are grateful for your trust in our products and look forward to serving you.

Exchange Team

You can find out more about us and our phone numbers by visiting our