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MAKE AN OFFER for one piece or all of the 4 cylinder stuff. Asking $150

About 40 years ago my racing partner and I, thought we might want to turbocharge a 4 cylinder and race it in a rail dragster. Well that didn't happen, instead we built a nitrous 383. Anyway we picked up various parts back then.

*I have two crankshafts, one is casting number 8522 it is forged with small counterweights, 1971 date code. Asking $50

*The other crank is casting number N39877 with much larger counterweights, I found N398776 as a valid casting number online, but this crank is machined right at the end of the 7, so maybe? the 6 was machined off at the factory? It has a 1971 date code. Asking $50

*I also have a Chevy II block, casting number 3833045, with a S/N F02I3E. This block is still greasy and I believe it would clean up with an overbore just fine. Asking $150

*The Mercruiser block (larger cylinder bore) slung a rod and poked a hole between the oil pan rail and below the water jacket. We were going to use it, braze up the hole and go. But I digress. That block is casting number 2770087, with a Mercruiser S/N of 353856 and a 1971 date code. This block was hot tanked 40 years ago and subsequently very rusty from sitting inside an old car. Every surface on it would need a "cleanup" pass. Asking $50

*There is also a camshaft and cam gear. I will include this with the first block that sells for no cost.

The cranks are rusty and would need to be turned. Really everything but the Chevy II block is rusty.

I have a 4 bolt main 350 Chevy BLOCK , still at std bore $450
Steel 350 large journal Crank, needs to be turned, $125
65 sbc cast iron Holley Intake, quite rare, $225
67 Corvette BBC cast iron Holley Intake, rare as well, $225
67 Camaro 3 speed floor shifter, $50
72 Olds 98 Hood, Excellent Cond, $125
72 Olds Hub Caps, 15", Good Cond, $100

Make an offer for any piece part or all of it.
I am in North Alabama, city is Hazel Green, Alabama 35750

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