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THE PERSONAL PROPERTY of the following units will be sold in auction by Watts-N-Storage of Tullahoma, TN. Beginning December 3, 2021 on BID13.COM. We will stop taking bids on December 17, 2021. Please meet the manager at 1001 North Washington Street, Tullahoma, TN to redeem your purchased units. 177s- Abandoned (10x10); 179s- Abandoned (10x10); 232s- Abandoned (10x10); 562- Abandoned (5x10); 32FM- Abandoned (10x20); SW32- Abandoned (5x10); 222s- Lyndon Evans (10x20); 139s- Brandon Thompson (10x20); 37s- Heather Burke (10x20); 38s- Heather Burke (10x20); 513s- Bruce Crabtree (10x20); SW48- Jason Loos (10x22). Watts-N-Storage, 1001 North Washington Street, Tullahoma, TN 37388. (931)455-3888.

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