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PLEASE DONATE! In September 20

PLEASE DONATE! In September 2020, Landon was diagnosed with high-grade neuroepithelial brain tumor. Very rare/aggressive form of cancer. One of only 10 patients in the U.S. who've ever been diagnosed/treated with this same cancer. December, he finished his first months of radiation treatment. The effects of the radiation caused loss of appetite/lost a lot of weight, feeding tube placed to ensure proper nutrition/no further weight loss. Following 6 week reprieve, began intensive chemotherapy in Nashville. Admitted to the hospital for 3 days/week, this routine will last for 6-7 months. All donations will provide medical necessities, transportation, housing, food, personal care items needed. Pray for Landon and his family. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated! GoFundMe/LandonJones#landonstrong or https://www.gofundme.com/f/ybh64-landon-strong?qid=6dcef2e35ba414284043f7aa954b4f7d.

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